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fleet insurance policy

Fleet Insurance Policy – Why You Need a Fleet Insurance Quote


With the cost of motor insurance ever-increasing, have you looked at all the options in order to get the right cover for the best price you can?

Motor fleet insurance policies can start with a little as two vehicles, many of the major insurers offer fleet policies and they often come with lots of benefits including flexible driving, wider than comprehensive cover and competitive prices.

Whilst every review we do for a client is specific to their circumstances, we have found that most can benefit from a fleet insurance policy.  Sometimes the benefits are in the form of a lower price , or more flexible cover.  Sometimes it’s both.

If you currently have a separate motor policy for each of your vehicles, you might find if you ever acquired another vehicle, that the cost of the new insurance policy is much  higher than what you pay for the others.

This is usually because you have built up a ‘no claims discount’ over the years on the other vehicles.  The problem is, as the proposed new vehicle is an addition, not a replacement, you have to start again from zero discount on that vehicle.  A fleet insurance policy often evens things out somewhat, and there is often savings to be made by bringing the vehicles together under one policy.


There are several types of fleet insurance policy:-

  • Business Fleet Insurance
  • Mini Fleet Insurance
  • Family Fleet Insurance

Do you have a fleet insurance policy? Are you certain you are getting the best deal for your fleet insurance policy, in terms of price and suitability of cover?

Maybe you’ve thought about getting a fleet insurance policy, but are wondering how many vehicles you need to have to qualify?

If you have more than one car,contact us to see how we can help you get the most comprehensive and flexible fleet insurance policy to suit your needs.

Already have Motor Fleet Insurance?commercial fleet insurance

Are you certain that you are getting a thorough review of your fleet policy every year, not just in terms of price but also cover and risk management?

Many brokers will simply offer you the existing insurance company’s renewal quote when your policy reaches its first renewal, having had to work so hard in the first year to win your business.  One of our core beliefs is that to keep a customer happy, a good fleet insurance policy broker should deliver the service they say they can, each and every year, and be on hand to help clients throughout the year.  This is what we do best.

”I found Evans Insurance service extremely helpful, prompt and professional. Dan has saved my company a fortune on our fleet policy. I thoroughly recommend his services.” – Darren Hyde, VIP Security & Training Services Ltd

Why should you let us look after your fleet policy insurance?

Because we are independent fleet insurance policy brokers,  we don’t just insist our customers go with our preferred insurer. We deal with all the major fleet insurance, which means we can to review your individual circumstances and negotiate the best deal possible to suit you

Have your car fleet insurance reviewed by an expert

Complete the form at the top of the page or call us on 01708 289 525 to take advantage of our no-obligation review service.  As Fleet Insurance Brokers, we are regularly reviewing motor fleet insurance for new and existing clients all over the UK from 2 – 10+ vehicles, across all industries.

Don’t get tied in to another deal without knowing if there is anything better out there for you.  

Contact us for a no-obligation quotation

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